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City Car Escape Stunt Mania


Get in your favorite car and win the escape stunt challenges of City Car Escape stunt mania. In this crazy driving simulator you can drive in different cars like a muscle car, super sports car, city car, speed racer and more…. In City Car Escape Stunt Mania you will have to choose your dangerous path. Dodge the big and dangerous obstacles and make sure it will be not your dead pool. In this game you will start in a muscle car and by completing the levels you will earn money and you can unlock the other cars like the speed racer, city car and the super sports car.
In this stunt driving simulator you can test your driving skills to the max! Gain speed, brake on the right time and make the right decisions to complete this driving game.
CITY CAR ESCAPE STUNT MANIA -Main Features * Realistic driving experience* Smooth and simple controls* Use nitro to make it on time in this driving simulator* Unlock different crazy speed cars (Muscle car, super sports car and speed racer) * Time based missions * Find your way on the most dangerous roads* stunt and escape the mania
We hope you will like city car escape stunt mania and please let us know what you think of the game
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